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When you introduce Relax Corporate Massage into your workplace, you are choosing the best provider of one of the most cost effective and most popular health and well-being rewards for your greatest asset, your staff.

At the same time, you will be boosting the morale of the office, reducing muscle pain and tension, rejuvenating and de-stressing your staff and positively affecting their health and well-being - all without having to leave the office.

This all makes an instant and profound difference to the energy and vitality of your workplace which will motivate your enthusiastic team to perform at their peak for you.

The massage itself promotes better circulation, releases muscle tension from the neck, shoulders, back, arms, wrists and hands and creates such a great feeling of lightness and clarity.

Our specialized Seated Corporate Massage routine is designed to achieve these results quickly and effectively and finishes in an invigorating way so that your staff feel relaxed yet charged with energy and ready to get right back into a productive day.

The usual time for a seated massage is 15-30 minutes, with 20 minutes proving to be the most popular. The massage is conducted over the clothing without oils.

We also cater for call centre massage where we can perform 'roaming' 5 or 10 minute massages at staff's workstations if it's not appropriate for them to leave their desks.

We also cater for table massage in the office environment, if a longer session is possible, with a more remedial aspect of treatment desired. We suggest the minimum time to be 30 minutes, and a suitable sized private room made available, so staff can feel comfortable removing part of their clothing to expose area to be massaged ie, back, neck and shoulder.

Therapeutic oils will be used on the skin.

Your Corporate Massage investment generally starts from R450 per therapist, per hour, excluding call out rates (depending on location and time of day), personalized quotes can be drawn up to accommodate each company’s uniqueness.

There are two funding options available:

100% employer funded. The employer pays for the service to occur on a regular monthly basis as part of their Health, Well-being & Stress management programme. This is the most common option and most popular.

Subsidised. The employer may chose to cover part of the cost and the employee pays the remainder. This is gaining more popularity and is a great choice if your budget doesn't allow full employer funding, but you're clear that you want the benefits of our massage service.

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